Monday, January 28, 2008

OCDJ - Hooray!!

OCDJ - Hooray [2007]
01. My Friend Mayonnaise
02. Big Time Stuff
03. Smoke My Cheese
04. Baby Lobster, Baby Banana
05. Woopash
06. 7-5
07. Trip Trip
08. Fresh Socks, New Socks
09. The Milk's Gone Bad
10. Guess What!

Funny album. Sounds like rappers hanging out on a playground made of candy. Candy Electro Crunk. I saw OCDJ at some apartment in Brooklyn. He started spinning when i was in the room with literally two other people, we all started going nuts, not even knowing who the dude was, (i did, but i asked the other two after the show and they claimed to have been recently introduced to the Baltimore cat who rocks over sized animal masks and tours with Dan Deacon). OCDJ's music bounces along on synths that sound like that rainbow level in Mario Kart, multi-colored roads that are suspended over the stuttering beat. The Electro Crunk that OCDJ makes would be great 2 listen to on its own, but the tracks usually get crazier when he puts some samples over them. He samples popular rap songs usually, (although you have to check out Fresh Socks, New Socks for the Chef himself spitting over a beat that sounds oddly like a game of Bejewled), songs like Kelis's Milkshake, and the Whisper Song, kind of like Girl get the point.It sounds like a house party gone insanely bad, everyone becoming completly blitzed and some rappers just freaking out at everyone making them dance with such fervor that they lose themselves completly. I zipped up another OCDJ song that isn't on the album, PLS STP TH HSTL. That song really sounds like flashing rainbow lights. Complete Crunk Euphoria. Grab it Here,

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