Monday, March 31, 2008



I Told You To Be Patient And I Told You To Be Fine

"It reminds me of this boy who was in my car with me and i was listening to it and we were smoking, and it was 2 in the morning and i was parked at the beach and it kinda ruled"

Skinny Love

From Surface To Air

As the wind passes through his thick black hair and the smoke from his unlit Nat Sherman ceases to exist in its fairy tale world (the mint cigarette was lit at one point {1974?} until the wind took its fire), Antar grabs the note that the latest crow has dropped and begins to read it. The note details an elaborate maze that runs under his feet, standing steadily on the rooftop he realizes that the maze is actually the apartment complex beneath him. To the sound of bells tapping out an ancient melody he dives into the building head first like a blackbird exiting out of a dream while screaming your name. Falling through the apartment complex floor by floor he passes all sorts of life. A man cries on his bed while holding a cigar box filled with old reading glasses, two cats rest on top of a lonely widow who's only friend has been dead for 100 years. Antar reaches the bottom floor and realizes that his dream has now become his violin, and he starts to play La Ritournelle. This song inspired him to add the solo flourishes.

The Clockwise Witness

An Original Fake Fantasy

The Companion flew swiftly away as analog worms came to attack.  With a tail no one could touch and a Japanese model that exists only in pictures by his side, he escapes the pain that humans feel and is blind to fear and hesitation.  All his little x's can see is love, the only tangible sensation in his blankets of shadows.

Theater Of Redders

He found Redders and asked him to craft this remix for him. Redders insisted that it be accredited to the Twelves but he can't fool Fake Tats!!!!
New Twelves Remix!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Somebody Lurks In The Shadows, Somebody Whispers

There was a the sound of distant guitars and distorted violins over the voices of ghosts coming from the sun and the stars. The ghosts were whispering something about two shadows who fell in love and left nothing but the now hollow and watercolor world. How can sounds like this emanate from something so bright? She is haunting me, there are so many shadows, ghosts, and fallen stars in this town that I think I might have to become one myself. M83's new album isn't out yet but that doesn't stop Starfox from flying through the Lylat system to retrieve it. He posts the best tracks from the beautiful album that needs to be listened to from start to finish to truly glow, however these specefic soundscapes will add the neccessary elements of the sublime to any listening experience, a ghost is screaming your name, in the middle of a dream I hear her calling.

M83 - Kim & Jessie
M83 - Skin of The Night
M83 - Graveyard Girl
M83 - Dark Moves of Love

Uffie Really Likes SebastiAn's New Shit.

He walked in through the ceiling, killed the strobes, and told her he had some new tunes he would like to show her.  He began to play his little toy piano and she lost control.  It's his way of teasing her; just wait till she gets his full-lengths up in her system.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Panda Bearsuit!?!

Whoa! Panda Bear is angry and ready to punch people when they try and tell him how to do it, a.k.a make him hang out with the bees and wear those masks he hates, how did it get burned anyway?. Oh well yawns Panda Bear, coolness is having courage, courage to get his Comfy In Nautica remixed by XXXchange of SpankRock!! Well, the vocals are still here and looped over some synths that sound a lot like Cheap Thrills, a.k.a its super fucking dope and perfect for the emergence of summer, blast it in your whip and let everyone know that you are Nu Rave AND Indie!!! Alright!!!

Panda Bear Neonized!!??!?!

Now for some Bearsuit action...

Summer Of Love.

Well, I give to you the Bloody Beetroots and their blowpop candy mixed up confuzzled version of The Secret Handshakes' "Summer of '98".  They wrote some songs cause they love her, this could be the summer that they finally grow up!  The two Spidermen present this to all those who died in Corneria as a Surface 2 Air medal of honor, to Zelda and Pit as Original Fake angel wings, and I give this one to Pikachu just as it is - shimmery holographic glam that puts me on my tip toes for a time when starschool ain't in sesh.

Just In Case You Forgot About Them, Ever Doubted Them, Or Ever Partyshanked Them...

They'll never go to prom with you.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Message From Falco's Future.

Stuck out here 7 years in the future typing on my brother Link's Fujitsu blogging device, I find myself hearing the same song over and over again in a town that seems a lot like Lumberton. This is just what they listen to in the future, it's a culutural representation of a new world order where government is merely a myth and emotion is a pestilence of the past. It's the only way this society can subconsciously promote external and internal perfection.

Blue Wet Shirt

It's Finally Here.

Now Go And Run To The Lights of The City. This Will Be On Repeat In The Airways of Sector Y For Months To Come. Enjoy.

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
01. Feel The Love
02. Out There On The Ice
03. Lights And Music
04. We Fight For Diamonds
05. Unforgettable Season
06. Midnight Runner
07. So Haunted
08. Voices In Quartz
09. Hearts On Fire
10. Far Away
11. Silver Thoughts
12. Strangers In The Wind
13. Visions
14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
15. Eternity One Night Only
Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Friday, March 21, 2008

Italicized Blow Torch Dreams

A mix I made of old and new shoegazer songs that my neighbor of 13 years stole from me via a rattlesnake with a monocle and a rose in its mouth, only recently recovered using plastic surgery. Along with Ghosthustler, I now only listen to this and Surkin. Play it when cruising the huge and expansive ocean that we call the internet or getting lost in a labyrinth of suburban roads while looking for something. An explosion of sound and color, a boat breaking open to release a thousand passengers into the sea.

1.Falling Down (Chapterhouse)
2.Strings and Flowers (The Mock Turtles)
3.Rave Down (Swervedriver)
4.Hunted (Pale Saints)
5.Restless In 5th Gear (Color Wall)
6.Hazel St. (Deerhunter)
7.Washout (Ports of Call)
8.Red All Over (Revolver)
9.Circuitry Of The Wolf (Mew)
10.Strawberries (Asobi Seksu)
11.Black Metallic (Catherine Wheel)
12.Cupid Come (My Bloody Valentine)
(This mix is about 27 minutes long and perfect for make out sessions and space travel)

Italicized Blow Torch Dreams Mix

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Les Gillettes Debut Clown Stampede

All girl DJ group Les Gillettes from the New Judas electronic noise funk crew finally drop their debut explosion. This song is a sexy electro banger that sounds like the picture I posted above. This is the first post where the picture really just defines the song and my words are just unneeded re-edits of a sick banger.

Send In The Clowns!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Hahaha! SebastiAn Is SO MEan Compared To Me!" Giggles Surkin.

Surkin previews his new release "Next of Kin" as KID GLOVES leaks onto the French Kidz By Collette soda pop store and makes a magical bubbly mess next to the Insititubes monorail station. Surkin calls this song his new blend of carbonated bubbles flavored with shazam's pool party lemon lime droplets from the fountain of youth.

Surkin - Kid Gloves

Ghosthustler + Juvelen = Falco's Rooftop Delight

The city streets were awash with neon lights that bursted through stained glass that just happened to reflect the gleaming eyes of Falco as he scaled dangerous rooftops in pursuit of a fallen angel better known as Bluebird. She was gorgeous, he was feeling more than a little dead. She made him feel alive only to send him back down to meet the Ghosthustlers. Earlier that night another bird from another sector came upon Falco but that was a horrible track and she messed around with his love.

Ghosthustler! Awesome band from Texas that every blog in the world has had wet daydreams about! Super sleek graveyard lapdance electro!!
Ghosthustler - Someone Else's Ride
Ghosthustler - Only Me To Trust

Juvelen! Sexy Prince Wannabe from some country like Sweden or something? Who cares! Sexy music! Dance Dance Dance!
Juvelen - Don't Mess
Juvelen - Don't Mess (Body In Thames Remix)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

La Ritournelle.

Xavier meets Starfox & Falco at the Justiiiiice concert in Sector Y.  Xavier hangs off our arwing as La Ritournelle melancholily flows out and in to the ears of So Me, DJ Medhi, and the Ed Banger crew film advisor.  Falco hugs Xavier and all is won.

From Inside Xavier's Dior Jacket.

As I hugged Xavier through the window of the Arwing, a small black disc fell out of his French leather jacket along with a roll of film from a photobooth.

All the dirty, grimey sounds of punk rock London and New York City are wrapped up in tightly rolled sound bytes of jukebox drum machines and and getaway bandit guitar riffs spotted with the sporadic melodizing of vv against an ode to a criminal who she was in cahoots with 2 centuries ago.  hotel proves a worthy jet black side kick as he takes black and white polaroids with his sunglasses and records conversations with his cigarette made of bullets.

vv just dances in the dark,  blows smoke up her enemy's skirts, buys black diamonds for ammo

  together they frenzy in city mode with shotgun grunge

SebastiAn Asks Permission To Speak Freely

And Says "I Fucking Hate You"

It's Just Coincidence...

Well you can talk that way, but I have to say I don't believe in it.

1 Mad Jack
2 Caution
3 Tears
4 Soul in Isolation
5 Swamp Thing
6 Time the End of Time
7 Seriocity
8 In Answer
9 Childhood
10 I'll Remember
11 Tears (*)
12 Paradiso (*)
13 Inside Out (*)
14 John, I'm Only Dancing (*)
15 Tomorrow Never Knows (*)
(*)Bonus tracks.
The Chameleons - Strange times

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Early Summer Present: Mystery Jets Full Length

Young Love never really lasts, but this album will!

01 Hideaway
02 Young Love feat Laura Marling
03 Half In Love With Elizabeth
04 Flakes
05 Veiled In Grey
06 Two Doors Down
07 MJ
08 Umbrellahead
09 Hand Me Down
10 First To Know
11 Behind The Bunhouse
12 Twenty One (Hidden Track)

Mystery Jets - 21

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Hotness From Two Of Our Favorites.

Sacrificing the grinding digital tractors of "Harvest Time", the two sickest spidermen in the business bring us a tune from the last rave that the Sean Connery - James Bond ever danced at.  That one was in Paris, underground, and extended all the way to Venice where the first ever underwater electro party was held.

And it was really only a matter of time before Surkin would taste the High Chew flavor of So Me and start to Gaspirate.

DVNO (Surkin RMX)

Twelves Mixtape

Check out this new hot mix explosion from Fake Tat's favorite tropical noise funk producers The Twelves. This mix contains two new, exclusive, Twelves remixes of Theatre of Disco and Black Kids. Pump up the jams, summer is right around the corner kids and things will start to radiate neon once again...or did it ever really stop?

30 Minutes of Twelves

Swirling Joy Mixed With Noize

Things are starting to brighten up around Fake Tats HQ on Sector Y. A spaceship that was previously inactive due to massive laser strikes against its wings from the evil Andross has now been restored by a mystey robot. Justice is served once again. It was all done by Working Together (not in a Justice way though, just two Boys making noise)

Friday, March 7, 2008


From PaperThinWalls:

If this epic entry in the ever-popular music-about-taking-drugs-to-make-music-to-take-drugs-to category is any indication, PacificUV’s between-albums relocation from sunny Georgia to overcast indie-Mecca Portland, Oregon, was gas money well spent. A two-movement, six-minute meditation on despair and (imaginary or musical) redemption, “Need” blends serious existential whinging—“This life don’t feel like much to me,” moans Clay Jordan—over a majestic caterwaul of guitars, synth and wailing (though uncredited) saxophone. Part two is a “Hey Jude”-like ecstasy machine, as Clay sings “I just saw my savior, baby” above a divinely Spiritualized instrumental choir. Do they still call this sort of thing “shoegaze” (dumbest name for a sound to ever emerge from the pages of NME, or wherever)? Let’s hope not. Because “Need,” not unlike the stunning, skygazing stag-man by artist Chris Alurede that graces Longplayer 2’s cover, definitely reaches to the heavens.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Gold At The End Of The Rainbow.

Upon arrival of the RAFs, Starfox & Falco anxiously await the final boss's review of their peace treaty.  Pray, pray, pray for goodness & multicolored magical explosions of glitter and wonder in a harmonized kaleidoscope of French touch, nostalgic & cavernous post punk, and the haunted cobwebs that engulf Britney Spears's words which echo from the voicebox of Isabella Rossellini.

Monday, March 3, 2008

One Of The Original Electo Cats

There are few words to describe how sick A-Trak is. He rocks only the dopest shades. He dates Kid Sister. He is Kanye's DJ. His brother is Dave One from Chromeo. He is one of the original and one of the sickest Electro Cats around. Please check his brand new Beeper remix and this incredible video.

Beeper (A-Trak Remix)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

So I Woke Up In A Radio Freeze....

This album served as a soundtrack to my teenage blur. As I drove around in my car on late nights through the suburban expanse I would play Strange Lights or Spring Hall Convert at loud volumes and get lost in a million things. Neon would blur my sight as something I couldn't explain guided me home. Dance punk drums under floating guitar and dizzy bass with Bradford singing over all of it like someone lost in an amazing dream.

Deerhunter - Cryptograms

Somebody Broke Into SebastiAn's Computer

And their life became an endless loop of this movie film.

-Thanks to Sinden from Brookline.

Instant Gratification.

If you could print your own Hixsept tees.

If you could print your own Tres Bien Shop scarves.

If you could print your own fake tattoos.

New Justice Video

So Me brings the heat again with another classic. Faketattoos would like this video to be projected on a mountain while we all dance and praise DVNO. Only one can win...