Thursday, February 28, 2008


Starfox & I finally got the RAF's.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Funny Shit

My new favorite jam from ya boy Oh Snap!! (The above picture is actualy Teki Latex...not Oh Snap!!...Oh Snap!! is prolly bigger)
I'm Too Fat To Be A Hipster

Sunday, February 24, 2008






Simple Sunny Electro Mix

My five year old cousin came over to my house last night and looked at my collection of rare Bloody Beetroots remixes and hard to find Surkin explosions and just laughed. He said that electro in that vein was "boring" and the explosions weren't his thing. So I showed him that I have lots of quality dance music that doesn't need to explode in order to fill ones ears with bright rainbow tones. After showing him some tracks he punched me in the face, tied me up, and made me listen to the mix he made. He even uploaded it for everyone.

Simple Sunny Electro Mix

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dr. Watson Exclusive

Faketats would like to now present the masses with its first exclusive club explosion in the form of Dr. Watson's bangrificous "Closet Freaks". Watson contacted me from his home in Sweden telling me (in broken english) that this song is based on "the countless time I see the homeless move my neighborhood with their boxes, only to be chased by polices". Hopefully this is not the last time we hear from Watson, his crazy sirens and synths put my head in a spin and turn the world neon again.

Closet Freaks (Dr. Watson Fake Tats Exclusive)

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Uniform

These "pants" will turn any animal flying in a spaceship into a Rainbow Man

Two Rainbow Rolls.

I was at Justice's Japanese cafe last night and the best thing I copped was certainly the Poney Poney joints they spiced, produced, and served up to me. Perfectly digitized rock n roll goes down smooth with grum bubble tea and never makes you sick.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Want To Destroy You

Ragged guitar riffs burst open out of old boxes of Lucky Strikes in the form of butterflies that are just a tad bit mean in that devilish and sexy way that you love. They flutter around your face and heat up the air like a man on a mission and that mission is to make your ears explode with the sounds of the Soft Boys. Let these vibrations sink deep into you and melt within your stomach where they will build a castle made of multi colored crystals, a castle in which you the King float around as a statue not aware of your own inanimate nature, rather ordering your friends and followers to build a river made of eyes where you can watch the tide as it watches you...

1. I Wanna Destroy You
2. Kingdom Of Love
3. Positive Vibrations
4. I Got The Hots
5. Insanely Jealous
6. Tonight
7. You'll Have To Go Sideways
8. Old Pervert
9. Queen Of Eyes
10. Underwater Moonlight

I Found This Album Under A Bridge Where Balloons Flew And Bounced Against The Underside of The Overpass

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Klaxons Get Crowned By The Two Kings.

Klaxons proved themselves in an age of 21st century french touch by making the best europoprock record since rainblow was invented in France and then promptly banned in 1977.  "Golden Skans" is emotional Disney pop enchantment that melodizes vocal harmonies over a magically conjured musical piece that makes American kids feel ok that they aren't as cool as european electrokids.

But SebastiAn makes us feel horrible about it as he remixes the glitter out of the track leaving only a lusty "My Love"-esque dance piece that oozes sexuality.  Breathing beats and fast paced race car sex electro.

Justice just makes us happy with one of their best remixes of the year as they poppify "As Above, So Below" with their recently sharpened French envelope cutters.  

Monday, February 18, 2008

Horrible Tracks.

Wait Mom & Dad, why can't I be loved for who I am, a wolf among wolves, and not as a man. It's kind of funny, but if Falco and I want to hold a ceremony, it has to be in another Galaxy

A Love Note For Ms. Johansson.

-Sincerely Remixed By The Bloody Beetroots

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Neon Boys

The obscure but semi-legendary Neon Boys were a precursor to Television, featuring Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell, and drummer Billy Ficca. Their duration, from the fall of 1972 to the spring of 1973 according to Clinton Heylin's From the Velvets to the Voidoids, was brief. They were certainly ahead of their time, however, as recordings that later surfaced proved. On "That's All I Know" and "Love Comes in Spurts," which finally came out as one side of a seven-inch EP years later, the group played with an edge suggestive of both speed freaks and punk rock. There was shrieking guitar, half-spoken lyrics declaimed in a semi-state of hysteria, and words that were too scabrous to have been considered for commercial airplay in 1973 (certainly on "Love Comes in Spurts," at any rate). A then-unknown Dee Dee Ramone unsuccessfully auditioned for the band as a second guitarist before the Neon Boys, still a trio, decided to disband.

Of course all three of the principals would rapidly resurface as members of the original Television lineup, although Hell dropped out of that group before their first album. Hell would re-record "Love Comes in Spurts" himself as a solo act. The Neon Boys' versions of "That's All I Know" and "Love Comes in Spurts" were issued as one side of a seven-inch EP on Shake Records that had two later Hell solo recordings on the other side. Another Neon Boys recording, "High-Heeled Wheels," surfaced on a CD single (which also included the two previously released Neon Boys cuts) on the UK Overground label. According to From the Velvets to the Voidoids, three other Neon Boys songs — "Tramp," "Hot Dog," and "Poor Circulation" — were also recorded, although they have not yet been released. [Source: AMG]

Track Listing:

1. That's All I Know (Right Now)
2. Love Comes In Spurts
3. High Heeled Wheels
4. Time
5. Don't Die

The Neon Boys

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ghetto Implosions!!?!??!

All I want to do is post post post post some sick electro bangers and then take your eardrums and throw them on the floor where they will get pounded by the 4/4 elastic bass bounce that rips off your mask and places it inside of a bag where it will get weighed and sold to the highest bidder for a bundle of stolen sheep skin. Word to your mother, you act stupid bitch then i'm hurtin ya mother.

They Know (Mano Remix)
Shawty Is A Ten (Mano Remix)
Paper Planes (DFA Remix)

Friday, February 15, 2008

D.I.S.C.O.TEXAS Pt. 2.

Much to our delight, deeper in the packaging marshmallow fluffies of the shipment we received from D.I.S.C.O.TEXAS was a minidisc from Moulinex compadre Xinobi which includes two tracks off of the kidrobot's soundtrack for one of his upcoming shortfilm montages about gunslinger gameboy gangsters riding on their bicycles made of digital newspaper in the wild west of Jupiter's third moon.  Here they are!

++++Here's a vid I took of them (Moulinex & Xinobi) last year when I visited and they were all hipped & hyped up on discodust++++

New Package From Our Favorite Place In The World.

My friend Moulinex lives down in Portugal and is a pineapple farmer.  Pineapples in Portugal are hard as disco diamonds and can only be eaten or opened by a chainsaw.  Every once in a while when opening a pineapple for his own enjoyment, he'll find minidiscs within the fruit.  And everytime that happens, he sends the tracks on the minidisc to Starfox and Falco.  Here's what we got this week.

These ALWAYS cheer up Starfox.
Their his boost to get through.
Break Chops made him do barrel rolls over D.I.S.C.O.TEXAS this week.

Hit This Cat On The Hip

Sinden (pictured above) teamed up with the Count of Monte Cristal (Senan) to produce this electro banger. If you want to chill with my man Sinden you just gotta hit him on his beeper. Hit him up and cruise boardwalks with the God while he starts beef with every crab cat in the radius, smokes mad squares, gets mad drizzed, and watches alot of MTV. Word 2 that, word 2 Sinden.


Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

In 1957, there was a digital prison cell 300 feet below the Eiffel Tower unknown to the bustling city of Paris.  Within the cell were characters and figures from the past and future, all eternally confined in this horrid holographic hideaway.  The jailguard was Teenage Bad Girl.  She installed vocoders in each of the prisoner's throats,  explosive drum machine buttons in their ears, and MIDI Korg keys from the year 3038 all over their bodies.  She then pressed record, as the one room cell full of people doubled as a studio, and recorded the sounds and yelpings of the people as she tortured them.  She recorded for 10 days - nonstop, neverending excruciation.  

For the next 50 years, she labored in the cell organizing the digital chaos into music - sexy synth lines exploding with beats reminiscent of the tensions of the Cold War spiced with a twinge of horror by the mechanized, vocodered yaps and yips of the detainees.  She ascended and released it to the world.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I thought everything was good and sunny in my town. I did not know that there were cockroaches under the grass that will attack until the bird comes and....

Blue Velvet

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"Enjoy yourself.  Take only what you need from him.  A family of trees wanting to be haunted."

MGMT has managed to create an interstellar 80's digisynth playground of sound that bounces along and seesaws with notions of playful little characters called "kids" who just wanna please their mommy and crawl on their knees like rugrats at a Go! Team concert.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bounce Back And Forth With Breakbot!!!

Here are some happy fun time songs for you to play with. Please bump in your candy cars while speeding on a highway made of clouds. If you feel the need to come down off of these clouds anytime soon, please try and dance to Joy Division, if you dance to Breakbot you will transform your world into seven spheres of transparent chocolate moons that hold the secret to the perfect orgasm within. Summer Party!!!

Data - Aerius Light (Breakbot Remix)

ALB - Sweet Sensation (Breakbot Remix)

Arrow - D.O.E.S. (Breakbot Remix)

Happy Rabbit

Penelope Pitstop


SebastiAn.  Oizo.  Tellier.  Milk.  C.H.I.V.E.R.S.  Facelifts.  Blue Jeans.  Red jackets.  High School.  Rollerblades.  Rollerdiscos.  Rollerelectro.  Leather Shoes.  Electrocats.  Ed Banger's Response to Electroma.  

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Bag Raiders

Out from inside of your wall come the Bag Raiders, an aussie who steals all of the energy in a room and converts it into fun punches of love. Destroying feelings of sadness or doubt and setting fire to half forgotten dreams in your mind, they explode and crash over and over again inside of your head and out through your eyes, turning your world into shades of electric light. He is The Bag Raiders, he has stolen your bag. Here are some fists full of remix and original fun for you and ya crew.

Nil By Mouth (Reprise)

Muscles - One Inch Badge Pin (Bag Raider's Remix)

Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Bag Raider's Remix)

Kim - By The Time They Reach You (Bag Raider's Remix)

Sneaky Dub

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's Dance To Joy Division.

Pete Doherty channels his ugly,dirty,grimey Brit twang of tune into something beautiful for once.  Coke and Kate Moss addict he stands to be one of the few living great rock stars, encapsulating every bit of young fun drug frenzied London into the filthiest prettiest ballad that seems as if it had been written by a dead man, but he seems to be only one who's still living.

The others of the best have died off.  Ian Curtis.  He wrote his last song for Joy Division just before his death and never got the chance to play it.  New Order took "Ceremony" and did it justice and remains to be the happiest, ironically, piece Curtis ever put to pen, but fittingly, died before he could present it.  Airy nostalgic colliding guitar lines coalesce with a perfectly 80's tap&beat that floats over Ian's final hopeful "watching love grow, forever..."

And celebrate the irony
Everything is going wrong,
But we're so happy.

The Mystery Jets Who Ran Away From What They Didn't Love

The Mystery Jets are a bunch of chaps from England pounding out catchy pop numbers that could be described using other band names or what not but then you wouldn't be getting the real story. The Mystery Jets are produced by Erol Alkan who is responsible for doing alot of sick shit for the club scene over in London and has remixed and re-edited artists from Interpol to the man in black himself SebastiAn. The Mystery Jets have heart, they have determination, one of their singers uses a special device to help him walk and though it may be politically incorrect, I like to think it gives this band some more emotion or something because all of their songs have a certain energy that makes them all gems. Their second album is coming out soon and this is one of those posts where I should say something along the lines of "If you haven't heard of the Mystery Jets yet you are stupid" but I will refrain...kind of...and just post the tracks!


Diamonds In The Dark (Looking back now I regret...your promise that I never kept)

Flakes (A song with some feelings of nostalgia exploding into your heart and out onto a canvas where a million suns swirl around and disappear only to be felt deep inside of a childhood memory where you and your best friend found a lake and...)

I am now posting some sweet honey drippings from Erol himself...

Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To (Erol's Glam Racket Remix)

LA Priest's Engine (Erol's Glittery Gumdrop Inferno Re Edit)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

You'll Sleep Tonight.

Immerse yourself in these selected cuts from drone superstars Stars of the Lid off of their new album And Their Refinement of the Decline. Download all four cuts and listen to them in order in a playlst as you fall asleep tonight. If using iTunes, go to Preferences > Playback and set your crossfade playback to 12 seconds for the perfect experience.

Perfectly constructed experiments of ambient meditative sound, Stars of the Lid just might make the best medicine music in the world.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Miami Horror!!

After posting some Cut Copy I felt very Australian so I took out my pet bird and had him fly to Melbourne, he came back with this remix in his little crow claws and now I am happy.
Faker - This Heart Attack (Miami Horror Remix)

And if you haven't heard this remix yet you deserve to be buried under seventeen feet of sand. Sand that is made of dead dinosaur bones that sting the skin with fantastic damage.
The Dirty Secrets - 5 Feet Of Snow (Miami Horror Remix)

Glitter Baby...

Lights and Music are on my mind...
(We are all holding our breath for In Ghost Colours...Cut Copy is disco bliss)

Lights & Music (Boyz Noise Happy Birthday Remix)

Fox's New Shades.

Rocked by our favorite robot-fasionistas Daft Punk.  
Two robot's perfect audio mixed perfectly with Ratatat, SebastiAn, and Kanye West.
Produced by Daft Punk, specifically for Louis Vuitton.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Twelves Make Sunny Electro Pop!!!!

If you’re reading this and have no idea who the Twelves are you obviously have never heard of Hypemachine or disco rainbow magic. The Twelves are from Rio de Janeiro and they make music as sunny as their home. Bright squeaky synths are sprayed over tight percussion that stutters and snaps at the perfect rate to make you dance and go ape shit. The Twelves have remixed everyone from Yelle to Asobi Seksu, and I have uploaded my favorite remixes / all of the remixes they have made. If you want to pretend that you knew about the Twelves before now is the perfect time to do so, download the tracks and gain massive indie dance cred.

Asobi Seksu - Thursday (Twelves Remix) [This is my favorite Twelves Remix, brillaint!!]

Theives Like Us - Drugs In My Body (Twelves Remix) [This song has been remixed a million times, this might be my favorite version though! Could beat the original...]

M.I.A. - Boyz (Twelves Remix) [Alot of blogs voted this as one of the best remixes of 2007, download and see what all the hype is about]

Yelle - Ce Jeu (The Twelves Remix) [The Twelves transform this jam into a sexed up french disco glitter rock out]

Now come the Twelves super love stoned happy kiss remixes, perfect for summer days approaching or late night car rides with your special somebody.

Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix) [Why did you come at all if it wasn't for me?]

New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky (The Twelves Remix) [Give The Twelves all of your love!!!]

kylie minogue - 2 Hearts (The Twelves Remix) [By now you should be officially in love with The Twelves]


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Song of 2007 - Reckoner.

In the golden mean section of Radiohead's ?final? album In Rainbows, there lies a transcendently beautiful and easily missed repetition of the album's title by ethereal choir voices blended perfectly on top of Thom Yorke's water color falsetto that gracefully snivels my favorite line of the year, "...because we separate like ripples on a blank shore." Thom's love of Goethe's Faust embodies itself many times on In Rainbows, but most beautifully on "Reckoner" as Yorke woozily traces his voice around a delicately painted work about humanity. The song feels as if it could fall to pieces at any moment, as humans often do, just before it picks itself up from a dark depression into a celestial and majestic, yet humble arrangement of music. It's the morality of the song and the candor of In Rainbows that charms the world about this new Radiohead. But maybe it isn't a new Radiohead, maybe it's a band after two decades of exploring their capacities (the spastic brilliance of British alternative rock from The Bends to Pablo Honey to Hail the Thief, the sharp electronic vision of Kid A and Amnesiac, and the perfection of musical art in concept album OK Computer) finally stop showing off their intelligence and finally reveal their mortality.

Robot or human?

Post Punk Mix Funk (Starfox MicroMix 1)

Listen to this mix when you:
Destroy a train in Berlin using two toothpicks and a rifle.
Jump from a forty foot building into a bowl of dust.
Need your heart to beat faster and your ___ isn't picking up.
Smoke in your Mustang.
Want dope tunes.

1. The Long Blondes - Everything I Touch
2. Pere Ubu - Street Waves
3. R.E.M. - Laughing
4. Pylon - Stop It
5. Public Image Ltd. - Poptones
6. The Chameleons - As High As You Can Go
7. Life Without Buildings - Let's Get Out

I made this mix with my socks and a dead rabbit.
Post Punk Mix Funk (Starfox Micromix 1)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Illest Hippie

I saw Electroma the other day and needless to say it remixed me in a strange way. One of the illest parts in Daft Punk's movie is Linda Perhac's song "If You Were My Man". In the movie, the song is paired with the image of two robots walking across a desert that turns out to be a giant female body. I knew about Linda before seeing Electroma, but hearing her song in that context was a very exhilirating experience. Listening to her music without Electroma is still incredible as well. Check out these select cuts off of her only album from back in the day (from 1970). Linda's music is a world of psych folk and looped vocals. Great stuff.

>If You Were My Man (Electroma Song)

>Chimacum Rain (Waterfall of angel voices massages your face)

>Hey Who Really Cares (Pretty Folk Song With Dope Bass)

>Pallelograms (Even Crazier Vocals...)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Van She Tech - Gorgeous Artful Remix of 2007.

Boss Bitch.

"I'm the first boss to spin on a track,
I switched up the beat of the drum,
That's right I brought all the bitches to the yard,
That's right I'm the one that's tattoed on his arm.
Drop your fucking shamrock shake."

Boss Bitch SebastiAn dressed-down in fast food clownery delivers you diamonds on your neck, on your grill in one 2007's best remixes.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Swedish Kaleidoscope Of Cotton Candy

Studio has rocked my world this year. Actually, I take that back. They have slowly seduced me with their tight electronic percussion, fluid bass lines, and the thousand other sounds that flow in and out between the interplay of the rhythm section. Their debut album Yearbook 1 is pretty flawless, and is an ideal driving/pot smoking/make out record that you can throw on and is always loved by everyone on first listen. Studio is made up of two Swedish dudes, another dope group out of Sweden means that the country is currently sick beyond all recognition. After about a month with the album I finally chose a favorite song. Self Service is a sun drenched dancey pop song about...anything really. The bass bounces around and the piano pokes you in the ribs and the guitar makes out with your body. If you are a fan of sound organized in such a way that it is incredibly pleasing to the ears and the soul then take the time out of your useless day to download their album. I will even let you in on a little secret of mine as well...Studio makes some dope remixes as well. (I take it back No Comply is my favorite track...I think....)

Yearbook 1

Shout Out Louds - Impossible (Studio Possible Remix)

Surkin Style.

Classy disco punk neonized into a frenzy of streamlined ghetto electro making you feel dizzy in your heart. When Surkin spins at clubs, fireworks explode out of the speakers and everyone is won over by his ghetto obsession. Surkin grew up on rap music and with every sick vocal manipulation or synth jab you can tell that Surkin knows how to make shit crunk in the nicest way. The Frenchie rocks gear designed by Gaspard and So Me strictly, and he isn't even close to 20 years old. Surkin is pimping. Surkin is the creator of some SICK remixes, Surkin is the creator of sicker original tracks. Here is a taste.

White Knights Two

Surkin's Destructive Remix Of Foal's Hummer