Sunday, May 11, 2008

Star Freckles 1922

Another mix for everyone who loves when it gets dark and you just need something to play and relax to. I have spent a lot of time on this earth pondering the meaning of things and these songs have accompanied that pondering. Some of these songs have even spurred me to ponder, some of these songs have urged me to love again, some of them have urged me to murder, and a select few have helped me blot out the world all together.

1. Cocteau Twins - Ivo
2. Hula Hooper - Light
3. Black Ivory - Will We Ever Come Together
4. Mi & L'au - Nude
5. Micah Blue Smaldone - Swamp Of The Swan
6. Eluvium - Genius & The Thieves
7. Brother Ali - Prelude
8. Yesterday's New Quintet - Uno Esta
9. The Chameleons - Tears

Star Freckles 1922

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