Friday, August 1, 2008

Boat Club - Caught The Breeze

I'm kind of angry that no one has heard of this group from Sweden. Boat Club is fucking amazing. The duo creates some of the warmest and happiest electronic music I have heard in awhile. Think Studio. Think Air France. Think The Embassy. Think The Tough Alliance. Think of euphoria.

1. All The Time
2. Warmer Climes
3. Always Away
4. Nowhere
5. Memories
6. Spanish Castles

Boat Club - Caught The Breeze
^Highly Recommended.

(P.S. this is perfect music for two lovers)


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty.

Hillary said...

I lv luv love this. Thanks STRFX.

Seagull said...

finally somebody who knows them and love them!!!!!!


vlad, editor for sounds magazine, romania

Schantz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Schantz said...


I can't believe that while scouring the internet for this EP I ran into your blog so quickly. Third result for "boat club + caught the breeze + .blogspot".

aaccording said...

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Laurie Luxe said...

could this please be re-up'd, i'll love you forever! haha