Sunday, December 28, 2008

Starfox's Top Ten!

Tony Weiss's Top Ten Electro Songs of the Year

13. Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (Foamo Remix)
This isn't even that electro. It is just really really really dope. The bass line just murders me everytime. Plus Foamo is up there with Grum in terms of chopping up vocals.

12. Felix Da Housecat - Radio (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Shinichi had a great year. He released a popular album with some truly hard hitting tracks on them. His remix of Radio is my favorite thing he has done this year, his remake of Star Guitar being a very close second. This is just really catchy and overall excellent.

11. Midnight Juggernauts - Road to Recovery
Technically not 2008. I don't really care. This song is fucking great. If you haven't heard it then go pick up the album.

10. PNAU - Embrace (Miami Horror & Fred Falke Remix)
So smooth. So good. So over-blogged. So top ten.

9. SymbolOne - Love Juice (Danger Remix)
SymbolOne is great. Their remixes of Ambient Room and more recently Mission Complete have been on point, filled with great synth sounds that sound really fresh. Danger is also known for some great sounds. In this remix he destroys it with some heavy synths that hammer out a really memorable line and even progress to an an amazing solo. Definetly a top track of the year. This is my favorite Danger track, but that doesn't mean his others are weak in comparison. In fact, I could probably fill half of this list with some of the remixes and original tracks he put out this year.

8. Surkin - White Knights Two
What hasn't been said about this song? It is one of the most blogged about tracks this year, and is certified epic. If you haven't heard it yet then you don't listen to electro.

7. Tronik Youth - Laugh Cry Live Die (Grum Remix)
Honestly, I don't know why I like this remix SO MUCH. It just makes me wanna go nuts. I love the way Grum uses vocal samples in his songs and his melodies are always super triumphant. The production is also amazing.

6. Bag Raiders - Turbo Love
Turbo Love, recently dropped by the Bag Raiders is the definition of adrenaline in electro. It just moves you. Every time this song comes on I remember why I like to get drunk and dance around to cheesy music like this. It doesn't get any sweeter than that main synth line. Vocoder on top of it...another classic.

5. Asobi Seksu - Thursday (The Twelves Remix)
I know a lot of people will probably disagree with m on this one. I can't help it. This song is so sweet and gooey it makes me throw up lollipops. I will never get enough of this song.

4. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Computer Club Remix)
So what if this is the only Computer Club song I'm obsessed with. It's that fucking good. It makes you realize how great New Order was and how easily their stuff translates into pure banger territory.

3. Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists
Makes me dance. Makes me dance. Makes me dance. Makes me dance.

2. Cut Copy - Strangers In The Wind
Oh man. The most emotional banger of all time? The way this explodes makes my heart hurt. Falco and I have spent many a night blasting this in the whip and crying tears of electricity.

1. SebastiAn - Momy

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