Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bastille Has Arrived

I met Julien the first day of college. He was wearing a Ross Ross Ross T-shirt. I knew he would be legit. We became good friends. We talked a lot about electro. We talked a lot about girls. I danced a lot when he DJed. I nodded my head a lot when he played me his original songs. Julien collaborated with my roommate Peter (also known as NARWHAL) to create the banger Liberte. Julien, along with his friend from back home (LA) Michael are known as Bastille. I'm proud to be the first to blog about them. Bastille is sick. Keep checking Fake Tats for new material from the group.

Bastille - Liberte (featuring NARWHAL)


devendra said...

bastille is the only thing that gets me off. -melissa decker, meredith porth, grace mccarty

The Beast King said...

To whom it may concern:

I, The Beast King, must agree with the wise "devendra's" post. Bastille is one of the few things that "gets me off", so to speak. That and sweater vests.

Blissfully beating it to Bastille,
The Beast King

Anonymous said...

Clawing my eyes out.

YouDontHavetoLoveMe said...

I heard the track... I don't normally go for electro, but there's something in that track that just chills me to my bones... oh, and gets me off too.

Bastille is what's good right now!

Bastille said...

This is shit