Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm On Spring Break

Sorry I haven't been updating Fake Tats...I'm on spring break on the west coast. I'll be back in action in a week or so. Don't forget about this little blog!

To keep the followers happy:

New Candy Claws Album


I'm going to cite something the blog I got it from said about this album:

Aerephones and Aeroplanes:
"This is the new release that I, and most of you I'm sure, have been waiting for quite some time now(2 years in fact, but well worth the wait). I must say, that this was truely a magical experience. It is based on the "The Sea Around Us" by Rachel Carson, and that relation glistens to where you feel as if every song presents a whole new story from the seas tiniest of creatures and that you have dived into a world of new wonders that are unimaginable. These stories are beautifully told by the dreamiest of pop melodies and luscious noises that ripple endlessly in your ear drums. Let your soul submerse into the glorious journey, "In The Dream of The Sea Life."
(please order a copy of this, I already sent my cash out, do the same!)"
In The Dream Of The Sea Life

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