Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Technicolor poetry from Belgium!
(feel good song of the week)

Space-punk electro from Japan!
 (just got signed to Institubes)

Low-fidelity nu-disco from Liverpool!
(currently on repeat)

Optimistic indie-folk from Brooklyn!
(tipped off by Columbia/Brown's Own Schantz)

Electro pleasure pop from Brazil!
(why was this overlooked months ago?) 

Romantic new-wave glitter from the Netherlands!
(first great effort by the ubiquitous Don Diablo)

Indulge yourself in fifty minutes of pure bliss from Italy!
(eclectic & wholly satiating)


Bastille said...

that Hurricane Jane wasn't overlooked, it's been on blogs for a while. It was their attempt to rekindle the fire of their other black kids remix, if I remember correctly.

Falco said...

I mean why did I overlook it when it come out so long ago!?

Regardless, it's great.

Bastille said...

ah ok, yea the newest twelves remix is really good too

Gambit said...

Chandelier gets better and better the louder I play it. Shit's a symphony.