Sunday, June 1, 2008

New E Bombs In The Form Of Old & New Punk

Some music has that punk edge without kicking you in the face over and over again with...I don't know...punk shit. I like music with an edge and that kicks but is also catchy/bright/twangy. I have been busy and this is my first post in awhile. These songs are some highlights of some of the strange new music I have found this week. Some old and very obscure (and one not so obscure or old) songs that will make your ears happy again. Starfox is back everyone.

Here is some post punk pop band that opened up for like Cyndi Lauper or something back in the 80s...really sick/catchy gem.
Blind Dates - Don't

Probably the best song I have found this week. The Dancing Hoods were also active in the 80s and the guy who started Sparklehorse was a guitarist. If you like the Replacements then you will like this band. Awesome pop punk. This is their best song / will make whoever is in the room with you suddenly feel like making out.
Dancing Hoods - Build A House

I don't know who Jeff Dahl is really. But these thrashy barn-burner will get you and your boys in the mood for some good ol' ultra-violence real quick. Pump this shit in your whip or at your next basement reave.
Jeff Dahl - Lab Animal

This song is one minute and thirty six seconds long. There is no reason you can't devote that time to it. It has one of the catchiest/razor sharp punk riffs I have ever fucking heard. It actually seems to go by in less then a second. This is the one song NOT from the 80s and actually from last year. The Busy Signals are sick, someone please send me their debut. Until then I just have to feast on this jagged diamond.
The Busy Signals - Matter Of Time

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