Thursday, June 26, 2008

When You Come Down...

After the biggest party of the century (see the post below...sickest mix on this site), and you just need to slowly come back down from those amazing heights...Starfox will give you what you need.

You need the new EP by Air France.

It is the most relaxing and heavenly thing I have heard since...yeah I know Pitchfork said this too but it is really true...The Avalanches LP.

Here ya go kids!
Air France - No Way Down EP


Anonymous said...

i just don't get this

why would give away the entire ep when it's for sale for a cheap price

these guys aren;t superstars, they need to eat too you know

help me understand?

Star Fox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Star Fox said...

We feel like our blog is frequented by a very small part of the online community, me posting this EP here is pretty much like me burning a cd for my friend. It isn't like 400 people are going to download this. I bought the EP and now I am sending it to some friends. If the artist contacts me I will take it down, and I urge anyone who likes the EP to pay for it. Many of my friends who are downloading this EP would never have bought it in the first place anyway. Do you work for Sincerely Yours? I can take this down if you'd like. Anyone who likes the EP should buy it off of!!

Star Fox said...

On behalf of Sincerely Yours we thank you for your order!

Here is your order summary and receipt.

Order #: 234300

No Way Down - Air France USD 5.35
Total for this order: USD 5.35

Anonymous said...

Hey there. This is a rep from Sincerely Yours. Take this down immediately or we're gonna sue you blogging bastards. This internet boom is taking us by storm and stealin our money! Gimme da money!

-Sincerely Yours

Falco said...

we will remove it. but now that air france is tagged as one p4ks best new music, they wont have any trouble getting even more exposure from our blog that is merely promoting people to buy more of their amazing music.

Real Talk said...

Something is fishy here. Would a representative of Sincerely Yours seriously use words such as "GImme da money!" ? Anonymous post: please elaborate on the reasoning behind your unprofessional use of words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is the first Anon again.

And yes I doubt that was someone from SY, I'm not from them anyway

I dunno I was just googling air france and it just suprised me to see a blog (which seems to have great taste in music from the other posts) offering an entire release for free.

I totally get the idea of promoting an artist but I also think that the point can be made with just one song, not the entire release.

I really wasn;t trying to cause a fuss, just wanted to know why you felt it was ok...

Dr. Watson said...

The Air France EP is not a cd I would have bought. If it were'nt for faketats I wouldn't have given them a listen. But now I am a happy doctor. I like air france. I enjoy listening to their cd. I am now a fan of the band and will support their material in the future. and I owe star fox a blow j for giving me such great music for free.

watson. out.