Saturday, February 28, 2009


My friend and future roommate Julien is back with his partner Michael. That's right boys and girls, Bastille is back again. If you ever come to Oberlin you should let me know and I can tell you if Julien is DJing. It's known that its a banger whenever that goes down.

Anyways, Julien and Michael have gotten even better. This time I'm most excited about their track Egalite which reminds me a bit of Felix Cartal's remix of Pick Your Poison in the beginning and then drops into something that sounds kind of like Knightlife or Russ Chimes. It's fucking incredible. I'm really impressed with this track.

Bastille - Égalité

The next track is just as good, except in a different, house-y way. A remix of Jackson 5: It's perfect for a set that includes Daft Punk, The Phantom's Revenge, and w.e other house/disco tracks you wanna play. Make sure to grab this one.

Jackson 5 - Life of the Party (Bastille's Let's Get Down Remix)

Flashback to some bros at the keep party drunkely screaming "BASTION BASTION BASTION"


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yeyyyy Bastilleeee!!!!