Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Springtime Falls.

Falco predicts that French electro-pop-rock band Phoenix's upcoming album will be one of the best of the year. On their past albums, they were a lesser Cut Copy emulating the slick swagger of The Strokes, but now that they've been fucking with a Korg or two as is present here in "1901", their relentless, digitzied optimism shines as they fuck shit up.

1901 - Phoenix

Another smiling disco-funk groove from Fake Tats favorite Breakbot. Sounds a lot like Sly and the Family Stone running through a Charlie Brown digitech pedal on Nickelodeon-electro mode. Another bullshit victory.

Penelope Pitstop - Breakbot

Undercover detective / house producer Smiling Symbol bring us a Louis La Roche-esque track that will be sure to bring the spark back to your stale and failing relationship. Bump this on your waterbed. Shine like the sex symbol you are. Go unprotected.

I Want U - Shining Symbol

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