Saturday, May 2, 2009

Deadbeat Summer

From Obscure Sound:
"Little is known about Neon Indian, but imminent recognition will certainly play a role in whether or not that will stay the same. An anonymous male and female from the respective locations of Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York comprise Neon Indian, but little is known about their personal identities apart from the fact that the guy is a musician and the girl is a video artist. Their picture-less, video-less appearance online disallows me from viewing any of their video aspects, but their inventive music clearly shows that video compatibility should be excellent when implemented. The reason for this is the atmospheric ability that the group conveys, evident a style that strays on the borders of dream-pop, italo-disco, and psychedelic electronica without fully committing itself to one specific niche. The approach is consistent throughout their debut EP, Psychic Chasms, though and results in one of the most promising releases of the year. In addition to using sparkling synths and hazily reverbed vocals to construct their style, they hold something in common with Sweden’s Air France. They released an EP, No Way Down, in 2008 that brought their radiant electronica to the masses due to widespread acclaim. Psychic Chasms is nearly identical in length and overall quality, providing listeners with a sample that should have them excited for the duo’s promising future."

Neon Indian - Psychic Chasma


Gambit said...

Neon Indian.

Schantz said...

deadbeat summer, summer anthem '09?