Sunday, April 20, 2008

52 Card Pick Up

Are you falling apart? Do you need some songs to glue you together? These songs will be gentle hands of a stranger. They will love you back into sanity. Sanity = Love?

This is a duo from Tokyo who make "experimental music using max/msp and multiple recordings of voices and just intonation electric gutars. They are influenced by impressionism especially Debussy, contemporary music, jazz, and bossanova" Whoaaa whatever right? WRONG. This song is so sweet it makes me melt into a puddle of calm and understanding. You could punch me in the face and then play this song, it would be cooooooool.
Hula Hooper - Light

Alaska In Winter is Brendan Bethancourt from New Mexico. He makes electronic music with mash ups of Balkan Folk (lol?), I know what you are thinking: Yeah but we have beirut...
That is why I am posting (one of the five tracks on his debut) that features Zach Condon himself. The track also features some epic bass stabs, washy cymbals and other spine stingingly sweet electronic flourishes (is that a vocoder at the end!? First balkan folk track with Vocoder!?!).
Alaska in Winter - Close Your Eyes: We Are Blind (Featuring Beirut)

This is an oldie (meaning not super fresh and moist like most of the Fake Tats offerings) from my main man Andrew Bird. Probably my favorite gem off of his latest album.
Andrew Bird - Heretics

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