Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Twinkly Destruction = Banglody

Everything is exploding and blood is falling all around you while it changes form and switches istelf in a quick second to blow up beautifull in your eyes overtaking them and using twinkles and blings to seduce your mind. Your mind expands and then shrinks and then explodes and then implodes and then realizes that Fake Tats is the fucking double idientity. Bangers. Melody. Banglody.

I have wanted to post this banglody for awhile. Calling In Sick tears things apart while they stun you and cradles your strawberry mangled body in their scorpion arms. Scorpion arms made of gummy lifesavers electrified.
Calling In Sick - Cali Games

Designer Drugs shapes banglodies for the consumption of the audibly crippled. If you can not hear, if you live inside of a hole filled with sponges that soak up the sound of synths and sixteenths, these banglodies will still penetrate. I once played this song in Hong Kong, around 20 B.C. and it exploded the population and that is why China is purple.
Les Gens Pour Ce QUils Sont (Designer Drugs Remix)

Computer Club likes to remix New Order. We all know New Order has melody. New Order does not bang. Like New Order? Want them to bang? New Order got banglodied.
Bizarre Love Triangle (Computer Club Cover)

Midnight Juggernauts make melodic bangers on their own terms. They also remix things that were prevoiusly just melodic, or had a little bang to them, but didn't really have constant explosions. Sebastian Tellier is addicted to sex, this Midnight Juggernauts rework of his song Divine makes it seem like he is addicted to rape.
Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

SebastiAn doesn't know what the word banger means, he doesn't know what the word melody means, he doesn't speak any language, his mind is a computer, his body is a forever evolving android made of sulfar and nicotine. He made this song.
If You Fail We All Fail (SebastiAn Remix)


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