Sunday, April 6, 2008

Songs About Bones

Pepi Ginsberg - In My BonesYour crush from 11 years old. She sits on a swing set with her eyes half open, peering through your mother's ruby red telescope and wishing you would come back.

Man Man - WhalebonesThe moon rises over a ghost town while the bleeding body of the last gambler struts around his old saloon, crying tears made of old card tricks that never worked and gripping his revolver that is so confused with his heart.

Giant Skyflower - Bitter Wild Rabbit Builds The Bone
A majestic strum laced with shimmering sitar that coalesces into a sing along from an angel who's skin as been shed to revel its diamond bones that glow into the night, creating a massive mirror to reflect the thousands of burning candles that are alive in your eyes.

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