Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Animals Talking

I just want to echo exactly what BiBaBiDi said about Animals Talking becuase it is spot on.

"If all U.K. guitar-pop bands were as good as Animals Talking, N.M.E. would be a 500-page weekly and music blogs would have a pretty tough time keeping up with the times. Fortunately, the London quartet is a rare gem, so for now, we'll just cherish them.

While the below two demos are pretty rough and sound crummier than they ought to, the beauty of Animals Talking's lo-fi indie-pop is undeniable and clearly juts out amongst the fuzz and scuzzy recordings that most likely were recorded in one take or minimally mixed. Or something. Keep an eye on these four as they're bound to churn out some phenomenal stuff ..."


If you download one song this week from Fake Tats make it this one:

Animals Talking - It Was

Don't get me wrong. All four of these songs have more charm than most bands I have ever heard. That is how I would describe the band's sound...charmingly gloomy and goofy. It gives me a picture of some british boys just messing around with girls, sometimes losing sometimes winning, drinking 2 much, not drinking enough, laughing a lot.

Animals Talking - Reveal

The way these songs are recorded is inspiring to kids everywhere who wanna start their own band. The shitty recording kind of makes it better...sounds like a friend's band. Too bad I don't actually have any british friends.

Animals Talking - Colours

Hehe they spell color the british way. so cute.

Animals Talking - New Dawn

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