Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In The Office: One

In The Office is a new series of posts that I (Starfox) will bring to you guys office in Paoli Pennsylvania. I work as an office intern, I was recently assigned a massive filing job that has me at my desk on my computer 24/7...what does this mean for Fake Tats readers? It means that I will use 95% of my time at this job actually cruising the internet looking for new music instead of filing. I will take about 9 to 10 times longer than I should on this assignment just to make myself, and you all...neon.

Today I cruised the internet for a good while and found a handful of certified dope tracks for your pleasure:

Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam Remix)
^Shazam is the jump off. Remember his Pool Party? I was about to post another one of his remixes until I found this banger. Really cool stop/start style with echoes and synths coming in and out all over the place. Also that great jumpy bass he is known for.

data - Rapture (Pacific Remix)
^I think it is Sebastian Grainger singing? Anyways I have the original track, it rocks, but it isn't mastered properly and is too quiet. It is okay cuz this remix by Pacific is actually better. Cool sounds later on in the song that remind me of a vocoder/guitar.

Jupiter One - Countdown (Designer Drugs Remix)
^I have been playing this song for a fucking minute in my car and while listening I completly forget who it was by so I couldn't post it. Lucky for you guys I found it again today. It is one of my favorite remixes of the year, be sure to check it out else you will be missing out on one of the best tracks in awhile.

Yuksek - Composer (Surkin Remix)
^Not his best remix but it is still Surkin so expect the dopest/choppiest/poppiest electro. If you have a good sound system then you will want to play this loudly and Tecktonik poorly.

Heads We Dance - My Heart Is Set On You (Louis La Roche Remix)
^A bit of a change of pace from our man Louis. Not as house-y, little bit more chilled out electro disco-y. Still quality. Peep it.

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Kimono Kops Remix)
^I know, I know, I need to chill out with the Hearts On Fire remixes. Well, fuck you. I love this song and people keep intrepeting it differently so I am posting yet another(maybe my 5th?) remix of it. This one is great.


Anonymous said...

that composer surkin remix is like a year old doood!

Star Fox said...

haha really? i'm an idiot i will change it.

it was new to me at least.