Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Joker: Aka Simple Sunny 2 with The Dark Knight

So yesterday I was in high spirits driving around with my pal Peppy (aka Asa) and he was telling me how much he enjoyed my last mix called "Simple Sunny Electro". You can find that mix here: FIRST SIMPLE SUNNY ELECTRO MIX.

Well I left that car ride in high spirits and went back to my house to make Simple Sunny Electro 2. It was all well and good until I left the mix half unfinished before I went to see the new Batman movie late last night. Well I woke up and finished my mix to find out that the movie had made me feel a tiny bit dark this morning so the mix kind of changes attitude in the middle, I tried to make the shift as smooth as possible. But Simple Sunny Electro 2 can't have Motor in it. So for those people who want to hear the entire mix, in all its schizophrenic glory, I have it for you.

The Joker Mix
1. Sneaky Sound System - Kansas City (Lifelike remix)
2. Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam Remix)
3. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Computer Club Remix)
4. ALB - Sweet Sensation (Breakbot Remix)
5. PNAU - Embrace (Fred Falke & Miami Horror Remix)
6. Jupiter - Starlighter
7. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Epic Last Song (Lifelike Remix)
8. Bag Raiders - Fun Punch (Calling In Sick Remix)
9. Ghosthustler - Someone Else's Ride
(^That half is the true Simple Sunny Electro 2 mix, and then it gets a little bit more intense)
10. The Dirty Secrets - Five Feet of Snow (Miami Horror Remix)
11. Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me (Grum Remix)
12. LA Priest - Engine (Erol Alkan Re-Edit)
13. Foals - Hummer (Surkin Remix)
14. Dragostea - Din Tei (SebastiAn Remix)
15. Britney Spears - Outrageous (Felix Cartel Big Girl Remix)
16. SebastiAn - Momy
17. MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
18. Mr. Miyagi - Pick Your Poison (Felix Cartel Remix)
19. SebastiAn - Walkman Re-edit
20. SebastiAn - Motor

Because I am not a complete asshole I split the mix up in two for everyone just in case someone just wants the nice electro. Hey maybe one of you just wants the massive banger section of the mix 2, I don't know.

So I present you Simple Sunny Electro 2:

Tracks 1-9 from the Joker Mix: Simple Sunny Electro 2

Tracks 10-19 from the Joker MIx: The Dark Knight

P.S. I am not a real DJ. I can't cut shit up like Surkin or whoever. Think of these as like podcasts or something you would hear on the radio. Like a highlight reel of all my favorite electro tunes. Plz do not post anything about beat matching or I will blow up a boat. 


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