Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Panda Bearsuit!?!

Whoa! Panda Bear is angry and ready to punch people when they try and tell him how to do it, a.k.a make him hang out with the bees and wear those masks he hates, how did it get burned anyway?. Oh well yawns Panda Bear, coolness is having courage, courage to get his Comfy In Nautica remixed by XXXchange of SpankRock!! Well, the vocals are still here and looped over some synths that sound a lot like Cheap Thrills, a.k.a its super fucking dope and perfect for the emergence of summer, blast it in your whip and let everyone know that you are Nu Rave AND Indie!!! Alright!!!

Panda Bear Neonized!!??!?!

Now for some Bearsuit action...

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