Friday, March 21, 2008

Italicized Blow Torch Dreams

A mix I made of old and new shoegazer songs that my neighbor of 13 years stole from me via a rattlesnake with a monocle and a rose in its mouth, only recently recovered using plastic surgery. Along with Ghosthustler, I now only listen to this and Surkin. Play it when cruising the huge and expansive ocean that we call the internet or getting lost in a labyrinth of suburban roads while looking for something. An explosion of sound and color, a boat breaking open to release a thousand passengers into the sea.

1.Falling Down (Chapterhouse)
2.Strings and Flowers (The Mock Turtles)
3.Rave Down (Swervedriver)
4.Hunted (Pale Saints)
5.Restless In 5th Gear (Color Wall)
6.Hazel St. (Deerhunter)
7.Washout (Ports of Call)
8.Red All Over (Revolver)
9.Circuitry Of The Wolf (Mew)
10.Strawberries (Asobi Seksu)
11.Black Metallic (Catherine Wheel)
12.Cupid Come (My Bloody Valentine)
(This mix is about 27 minutes long and perfect for make out sessions and space travel)

Italicized Blow Torch Dreams Mix

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