Monday, March 31, 2008

From Surface To Air

As the wind passes through his thick black hair and the smoke from his unlit Nat Sherman ceases to exist in its fairy tale world (the mint cigarette was lit at one point {1974?} until the wind took its fire), Antar grabs the note that the latest crow has dropped and begins to read it. The note details an elaborate maze that runs under his feet, standing steadily on the rooftop he realizes that the maze is actually the apartment complex beneath him. To the sound of bells tapping out an ancient melody he dives into the building head first like a blackbird exiting out of a dream while screaming your name. Falling through the apartment complex floor by floor he passes all sorts of life. A man cries on his bed while holding a cigar box filled with old reading glasses, two cats rest on top of a lonely widow who's only friend has been dead for 100 years. Antar reaches the bottom floor and realizes that his dream has now become his violin, and he starts to play La Ritournelle. This song inspired him to add the solo flourishes.

The Clockwise Witness

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