Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Summer Of Love.

Well, I give to you the Bloody Beetroots and their blowpop candy mixed up confuzzled version of The Secret Handshakes' "Summer of '98".  They wrote some songs cause they love her, this could be the summer that they finally grow up!  The two Spidermen present this to all those who died in Corneria as a Surface 2 Air medal of honor, to Zelda and Pit as Original Fake angel wings, and I give this one to Pikachu just as it is - shimmery holographic glam that puts me on my tip toes for a time when starschool ain't in sesh.


Anonymous said...

haha jeez this one made me do a barrel roll!

Anonymous said...

Word 2 Sinden!?!? Nah, word to buying those prints!!!