Friday, March 7, 2008


From PaperThinWalls:

If this epic entry in the ever-popular music-about-taking-drugs-to-make-music-to-take-drugs-to category is any indication, PacificUV’s between-albums relocation from sunny Georgia to overcast indie-Mecca Portland, Oregon, was gas money well spent. A two-movement, six-minute meditation on despair and (imaginary or musical) redemption, “Need” blends serious existential whinging—“This life don’t feel like much to me,” moans Clay Jordan—over a majestic caterwaul of guitars, synth and wailing (though uncredited) saxophone. Part two is a “Hey Jude”-like ecstasy machine, as Clay sings “I just saw my savior, baby” above a divinely Spiritualized instrumental choir. Do they still call this sort of thing “shoegaze” (dumbest name for a sound to ever emerge from the pages of NME, or wherever)? Let’s hope not. Because “Need,” not unlike the stunning, skygazing stag-man by artist Chris Alurede that graces Longplayer 2’s cover, definitely reaches to the heavens.


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