Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Mystery Jets Who Ran Away From What They Didn't Love

The Mystery Jets are a bunch of chaps from England pounding out catchy pop numbers that could be described using other band names or what not but then you wouldn't be getting the real story. The Mystery Jets are produced by Erol Alkan who is responsible for doing alot of sick shit for the club scene over in London and has remixed and re-edited artists from Interpol to the man in black himself SebastiAn. The Mystery Jets have heart, they have determination, one of their singers uses a special device to help him walk and though it may be politically incorrect, I like to think it gives this band some more emotion or something because all of their songs have a certain energy that makes them all gems. Their second album is coming out soon and this is one of those posts where I should say something along the lines of "If you haven't heard of the Mystery Jets yet you are stupid" but I will refrain...kind of...and just post the tracks!


Diamonds In The Dark (Looking back now I regret...your promise that I never kept)

Flakes (A song with some feelings of nostalgia exploding into your heart and out onto a canvas where a million suns swirl around and disappear only to be felt deep inside of a childhood memory where you and your best friend found a lake and...)

I am now posting some sweet honey drippings from Erol himself...

Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To (Erol's Glam Racket Remix)

LA Priest's Engine (Erol's Glittery Gumdrop Inferno Re Edit)

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Soymilk Revolution said...

volume (THE YALE MUSIC MAGAZINE) did a cover story/interview with erol last issue; it was a good piece. if either of you robocops want a copy let me know sometime, worth a read if you're interested in the guy.