Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Illest Hippie

I saw Electroma the other day and needless to say it remixed me in a strange way. One of the illest parts in Daft Punk's movie is Linda Perhac's song "If You Were My Man". In the movie, the song is paired with the image of two robots walking across a desert that turns out to be a giant female body. I knew about Linda before seeing Electroma, but hearing her song in that context was a very exhilirating experience. Listening to her music without Electroma is still incredible as well. Check out these select cuts off of her only album from back in the day (from 1970). Linda's music is a world of psych folk and looped vocals. Great stuff.

>If You Were My Man (Electroma Song)

>Chimacum Rain (Waterfall of angel voices massages your face)

>Hey Who Really Cares (Pretty Folk Song With Dope Bass)

>Pallelograms (Even Crazier Vocals...)

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