Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Song of 2007 - Reckoner.

In the golden mean section of Radiohead's ?final? album In Rainbows, there lies a transcendently beautiful and easily missed repetition of the album's title by ethereal choir voices blended perfectly on top of Thom Yorke's water color falsetto that gracefully snivels my favorite line of the year, "...because we separate like ripples on a blank shore." Thom's love of Goethe's Faust embodies itself many times on In Rainbows, but most beautifully on "Reckoner" as Yorke woozily traces his voice around a delicately painted work about humanity. The song feels as if it could fall to pieces at any moment, as humans often do, just before it picks itself up from a dark depression into a celestial and majestic, yet humble arrangement of music. It's the morality of the song and the candor of In Rainbows that charms the world about this new Radiohead. But maybe it isn't a new Radiohead, maybe it's a band after two decades of exploring their capacities (the spastic brilliance of British alternative rock from The Bends to Pablo Honey to Hail the Thief, the sharp electronic vision of Kid A and Amnesiac, and the perfection of musical art in concept album OK Computer) finally stop showing off their intelligence and finally reveal their mortality.

Robot or human?

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