Friday, February 1, 2008

Surkin Style.

Classy disco punk neonized into a frenzy of streamlined ghetto electro making you feel dizzy in your heart. When Surkin spins at clubs, fireworks explode out of the speakers and everyone is won over by his ghetto obsession. Surkin grew up on rap music and with every sick vocal manipulation or synth jab you can tell that Surkin knows how to make shit crunk in the nicest way. The Frenchie rocks gear designed by Gaspard and So Me strictly, and he isn't even close to 20 years old. Surkin is pimping. Surkin is the creator of some SICK remixes, Surkin is the creator of sicker original tracks. Here is a taste.

White Knights Two

Surkin's Destructive Remix Of Foal's Hummer

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